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Vault House

Min Workshop

written by
Min Woosik​
photographed by
Hwang Hyochel
materials provided by
Min Workshop

A Long and Horizontal Space

Located near Halla University in Jeju, the site lies at the threshold between the city and the rural area. Multi-family housing villas densely populate the north of the site, and a citrus field is located to the south. A house of horizontal organisation positioned on the gently sloping 2,300m2 area seemed appropriate. A volume according to an apartment plan spreading to the south was placed on the site. This means that volume and space was prioritised over the layout of the house. It is not easy to devise a long volume of 8 × 24m that can be perceived as a single space. This is because the wall breaks up the space during the process of creating a room as a unit. By planning the height of the bedroom at 1m lower than the common space, and the height of the ceiling (roof) at 1.5m higher, the house was able to maintain its horizontal depth. As the ceiling height was reaching 4.2m, it was thought that the house would become overwhelming if it had a flat or diagonal roof. The vaulted roof was considered the best design, in order to create a cosy atmosphere while gaining an open feeling from the raised ceiling. By applying a cycloid, which is a curve made along the radius of the circle, a gently curved roof could be realised. Even though the ceiling height was fixed, the circulation inside the house was designed to allow occupants to experience spaces that change in scale according to the difference in floor heights. Considering the project’s regional characteristics, located on Jeju Island, the house structure used the Japanese heavy timber structure system in order to shorten the construction period while securing the construction quality. It is a method of precutting Japanese cedar in the field and assembling them on site. The cedar wooden columns and arch-shaped glulam roof structure are exposed on the southern side of the building and hidden by the walls on the northern side. In the end, only about half of the structure of this house is exposed, but its simple clarity allows one to imagine the framework of the entire space at only a glance.  







Min Workshop Architects (Min Woosik)

Design team

Noh Yeonji


1571, Nohyung-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju Island, Korea


single house

Site area


Building area


Gross floor area


Building scope






Building to land ratio


Floor area ratio



heavy wood structure

Exterior finishing

cement brick

Interior finishing

cedar wood, water pain, lauan plywood

Structural engineer

Best Precut, Inc.

Mechanical and electrical engineer

PCM Global Engineering, Co, Ltd.


Jayeon & Woori contractor

Design period

Jan. – June 2016

Construction period

Aug. 2016 – Feb. 2017


Lee Wonsuk​

Landscape design

Min Workshop Architects

Min Woosik​
Min Woosik, an architect and designer, established the Seochon-based architecture workshop Min Workshop in 2011. In an age defined by mass production and high technology, he continues to focus on small architecture and aims to uphold contemporary craftsmanship. His major projects include Concave Lens, Vault House, Durastack Headquarters, and Café TONN. He concentrates his efforts on conducting experiments across diverse fields, such as architecture, interior design, furniture design, and installation art.