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About SPACE Magazine

SPACE was first founded in November 1966, by one of Korea's most prominent architects and cultural activists, Kim Swoo Geun, with the mission to encompass architecture, urbanity, theatre, and the arts.

Celebrating its 51th anniversary in 2017, SPACE is a part of the proud heritage of Korean contemporary architecture, laying a legacy for recording and distributing prescient dialogues on Korean contemporary architecture, culture and the arts. As the cornerstone in domestic architectural, cultural and arts activities over the past 50 years, SPACE is the irreplaceable number one nationwide channel in architecture and culture publications, in both brand power and sales.

Listed in the Arts and Humanities Section of the Korean Citation Index, Thomson Scientific [Former ISI] from the January 2008 issue onward, SPACE will spring forth to all corners of the world as a specialist culture & arts monthly.


1966 Establishment of Monthly Magazine SPACE (Founded by Kim Swoogeun)

1975 Publishing of 100th Issue

1983 Launching of Space Prize for International Students of Architecture Design

1992 Celebrates 300th Issue

1993 Awarded 'Magazine of Excellence Award' by the Bureau of Public Information

1994 SPACE includes English translation

1996 Awarded 'Most Literate Magazine Award' by the Korean Writers' Association

2001 Celebrates 400th Issue and establishment of Webzine VMSPACE.COM

2007 Starts publishing of all texts in Korean and English

2008 Listed in Arts and Humanities Citation Index of Thomson Scientific [Former ISI]

2009 Celebrates 500th Issue

2016 50th Anniversary and establishment of website SPACE-ARCHIVE.COM

2017 Celebrates 600th Issue