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Copyrighted content on VMSPACE

VMSPACE owns the copyright on all contents of the website such as news, articles, reviews, DBs, videos that are produced and edited by VM. Thus, all contents in VMSPACE are not allowed to be posted on other sites, blogs, and personal homepages and published in other media without permission of VMSPACE.

Contents provided by an affiliate

vThe website of VMSPACE owns the original copyright of the contents provided by IDEABOOK, which has the distributorship agreement of overseas book. Therefore, the contents are not allowed to be posted on other sites, blogs, or personal websites or published through other media without permission of the owners of copyright or VMSPACE. If you want to post copyrighted contents in VMSPACE on your blog and personal website, please be sure to post the source and link the contents. If you don’t show the source or you post contents that you reprocessed, you will be liable for blogs and personal website according to the legitimate procedure. If you have any questions about using contents and copyright, please contact the website manager.