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SOVICO Professional

su:mvie architects

written by
su:mvie architects
photographed by
Youngho Chun

SOVICO Professional, which is located in the Yangju Hongjuk Industrial Complex in Gyeonggi-do, is a manufacturing plant that produces audio equipment. As a clear masterplan was not available, the surrounding context and the standards to be observed remain vague. The core motivation behind the building’s programme, composed of offices, manufacturing, and distribution, was a functional traffic flow. All flows had to be effective, never crossing between or over one another. In this tightly planned space, a gap into a space that invites light proved desirable. The lobby, where ordinary daily interactions take place, distinguishes these traffic flow lines, while also performing as an exhibition space to showcase new products. Following the blue tiles from the factory entrance to the interior, one encounters a circular light formed by the entrance canopy. The change of light brings to mind the time of day. When it rains, one is able to observe the rainwater falling into the gutter below. This was decided upon as a means of adding an emotional aspect to the factory. In contrast to the hectic atmosphere of the hall created by the distribution lines, a quiet inner court divided by walls has been installed in the office building. The Euroform exposed concrete structure of the office building creates a diverse atmosphere of varying heights. This not only secures the structure to where it touches the ground, but also acts as a way of connecting the office building, manufacturing building, and the distribution building. The idea was to generate various qualities of light and shadow every hour, which would be experienced and remembered differently at each point of intersection between ordinary life and functional space.











su:mvie architects (Kim Soo-young)

Design team

Lee Tjiyoung, Park Yoojung, Choi Yiseob, Oh Seungy


39-33, Gwonyul-ro 1203 beon-gil, Baekseok-eup, Yan



Site area


Building area


Gross floor area


Building scope






Building to land ratio


Floor area ratio



reinforced concrete, steel

Exterior finishing

Euroform exposed concrete, insulated panel system

Interior finishing

Euroform exposed concrete

Structural engineer

Harmony Structural Engineering

Mechanical engineer

Bowoo Engineering

Electrical engineer

Sungji Enc.


Dasan Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd

Design period

Dec. 2015 – Apr. 2016

Construction period

May – Nov. 2016

Kim Soo-young
Kim Soo-young, born in Seoul in 1971, graduated Hongik University School of Architecture and Kyonggi University Graduate School of Architecture. He established su:mvie architects in 2010 and teaches in the design studio at Korea National University of Arts. He was awarded the Korean Young Architect Award in 2014, and was awarded the Rising Architect Award and the Korean Architecture Award with FINELINK in 2015. He also won the Kim Swoo Geun Preview Award in 2016 with Yeongju Swimming pool, and has been a Seoul Public Architect since 2015.