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Architecture that Thinks through Form: Formative architects: Chungsu Got

Formative architects

written by
Koh Youngsung, Lee Sungbeom
photographed by
Formative architects (unless otherwise indicated)
materials provided by
Formative architects
edited by
Bang Yukyung

SPACE February 2024 (No. 675) 




A Context Found in Nature

At the tip of Gotjawal Provincial Park, facing Hallasan Mountain, new man-made grid roads divide the land into which Gotjawal might have extended. They create a site with a panoramic view of Gotjawal and Hallasan Mountain, which is rare in Jeju. Though the forests of Jeju that surrounded this place are now gone, the distant mountain and the park seemed so close as if they could be touched. The client couple, who settled in Jeju after leaving city life behind, asked us to build a stay and a permanent residence. Usually, architects begin by designing with a context in mind, but a more obvious context on which to depend was invisible or hidden here. We wanted to create a new context on its own on a site that had been cut by humans. Standing on the site and looking down at the panoramic views of Jeju’s natural landscape, we imagined a place in which concrete masses extrude like an oreum above the horizontal spread of the land. With different axes for viewing nature set within each programme, the building forms individual spaces with independent views. 



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Formative architects (Koh Youngsung, Lee Sungbeom)

Design team

Baek Hyemin


Cheongsu-ri, Hankyung-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Ko


single house (rural bed and breakfast facility)

Site area


Building area


Gross floor area


Building scope






Building to land ratio


Floor area ratio




Exterior finishing

cement technique, reclaimed brick, exposed concret

Interior finishing

water paint

Structural engineer

Eden Structural Engineering Group

Mechanical engineer



MK Construction and Interior

Design period

Aug. 2021 – Apr. 2022

Construction period

May 2022 – July 2023

Landscape architect

Hwamokhae (Kim Sinae)

Koh Youngsung
Koh Youngsung graduated from the graduate school of architecture, Hanyang University, worked for Solto architecture, and then established the design lab, EXA. In 2013, after changing the office name to Formative architects, many emotional, experimental projects developed. He aims to create architectural projects that pay attention to the sincerity of an essence rather than the surfaces of a space.
Lee Sungbeom
Lee Sungbeom graduated from the graduate school of architecture, Hanyang University and worked for SPACE GROUP. He searches the value of architecture in everyday life based on its publicness and explores various architectural values through his interpretation of the nature of architecture.