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[10 Years of Design Competitions, 30 Public Architecture Selections] Jochiwon Cultural Garden

EMA Architects & Associates

written by
Lee Eunkyung
photographed by
texture on texture
materials provided by
EMA Architects & Associates
edited by
Youn Yaelim, Kim Jia, Park Jiyoun, Ryu Jin

SPACE November 2023 (No. 672) 


10 years have passed since the design competition system was overhauled as a consequence of the Act On The Promotion Of Building Service Industry. As multiple adjustments and corrections have been made over time to the operation of design competitions, the system has given birth to numerous selections that populate our surroundings today. If these winning designs, which were born out of the creative struggles of individual designers in their respective times and places under the aegis of ‘good public architecture’, were to be assembled in a single space, what would stand out? SPACE have selected 30 distinguished examples of public architecture that have been recognised by the architectural scene over the past 10 years. We compared images of the winning designs and their results, and interviewed the architects. Our selection criteria was primarily based on being honoured with selection, but we also wanted to offer as diverse an outlook as possible according to type and year of competition, ordering institution, and use or function, to offer a wide spectrum of examples. When it came to public residences, we decided not to feature them in this article as they are a unique breed in terms of scale and programme. By reviewing all stages, from planning, examination, selection, and the post-construction phases, and after hearing from those responsible for them about the obstacles that they faced on their journey towards...

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EMA Architects & Associates (Lee Eunkyung)


Pyeong-ri, Jochiwon-eup, Sejong-si


culture and assembly facility (exhibition), neighb

Gross floor area



budget – 2.55 billion KRW / actual cost 


Sejong City

Completion year

July 2019

Design cost

budget – 174 million KRW / actual cost R

Competition year

Nov. 2017

Lee Eunkyung