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An analysis of the architects' challenges and limitations
in experimental housing from the 1960s and 1970s,
reconstructed through drawings, models and renderings.

36,000 ₩ 32,400 ₩

Publisher : SPACE BOOKS




"Seeing this selection of eight houses, one is reminded that there is still plenty of uncharted territory. One could keep looking for references that are yet to be known, or that have been overlooked, or are difficult to find." - fala



"Whether due to limited archival records, the inaccessibility of a private property, the unfortunate reality of deformation and demolition, or, above all, a lack of interest on our precedents besides a handful of well-known monuments, the houses from the 1960s and 1970s have long been neglected or forgotten, and only now take on a new sense of presence through Suh Jaewon’s meaningful rediscoveries. [...] While a comprehensive chronological account is still in the making, the accumulation of in-depth research into a focused period of time and field of practice will help to establish the perception of our modern architectural history not as a few zodiac signs but as an expansive and holistic galaxy."  –  Choi Wonjoon 

Table of contents

Prologue: An Architect as an Intermediary Being

Recommendation: Non-Boring Houses   

Human, All Too Human: Ahn Byung-ye, House Inspired by an Umbrella

A Mannerist’s Jewellery Box: Yoo Kerl, Residence for Mr. Kang 

An Incomplete Face: Joh Chang-Kul, Residence for Architect J

An Unfinished Clod Thrown at the World: Chong Kil Hyup, Plan for the Residence of Mr. C

The Abstract Original Sin That Is Koreanness: Kim Sukje, Residence for Mr. Poitress

The Stair in Agony: Kong Illkon, Residence for OH

The Dividing Game: Kim Won, Residence for Mr. K

As If You Know It All: Cho Sung-Lyul, Residence for Mr. Song 

Review: Our Experiments on Architectural Form, Excavated from Time​




About the author 

Suh Jaewon is the principal of aoa architects. He observes the multifaceted nature of our contemporary society from the perspective of positive acceptance, aiming to embody the contemporary characteristics of Korean society through binary oppositions such as disharmony and harmony, structure and disorder, rationality and irrationality, satire and jokes. His major works have included HOJI, Seogyo Geunsaeng, Cascade House, Malefemale House, among others. He was awarded the Korean Young Architect Award from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2017 and the TSK Critics Fellowship in 2021. He is currently a lecturer at Seoul National University.


Product details

Author: Suh Jaewon

Publishing: SPACE BOOKS, an imprint of CNB media

Publication date: ‎March, 2024

Pages: 400 pages

Book Size: 140×290mm / 600g

Language: ‎Korean, English

Price: 36,000 KRW

Keywords: house, Korean Architect 

ISBN: 979-11-87071-32-7 94540​