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No.624 Nov, 2019

Women ( ) Architecture

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008 NEWS    
029 BOOK    
030 FEATURE Women (      ) Architecture  
034   Prologue: Women (and) Architecture  
034   Prologue: Women: The Language for the Future Park Semi
040   Plus: Women Architect in Foreign Media  
044   essay 1: Women (in) Architecture  
044   essay: Architecture, Space, and Gender Equality Jang Mihyun
050   Plus: Uncommon City: Austria Vienna  
054   essay 2: Women (over) Architecture  
054   essay: Perspectives and Practices of Feminist Urbanism Jung Hyunjoo
060   Plus: Gendering the Space Sim Somi
064   essay 3: Women (against) Architecture  
064   essay: American Women Architects: Early Educational Opportunities and Professional Organisations Sarah Allaback 
070   Plus: Women Architects Organisations around the world  
074   essay 4: Women (through) Architecture  
074   essay: Surviving as a Women Professional in Korean Society  Park Kwicheon
080   Plus: A Distance between Law and Now Kim Sugeoung, Cho Yoonhee, Jang Myungsun, Kim Sora
084   essay 5: Women (around) Architecture  
084   essay: There Will Be a Myriad of Side-Paths – If Its About the Future of Feminism Yang Hyosil
090   Plus: Works on the Theme of 'Women'  
094   roundtable: Women (between) Architecture   
094   roundtable: Female Architects in Korea Kim Sookjung, Kim Jeongim, Rieh Sun-Young, Lim Mijung, Cho Jaewon, Han Kiyoung 
104   archive: Women (along) Architecture  
104   archive: Women Architects in Korean Media  
114 ART PRISM Talk l Poetic Moments Encountered in Everyday Life EJ Pak Choi Eunhwa