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No.622 Sept, 2019

The Aesthetics of Space Created by Screens: BCHO Partners

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008 NEWS    
018 BOOK    
020 REPORT And Decoration: Good Taste is the Final Refuge of the Unimaginative Kim Seungduk
028   Ways of Continuing Unfinished Practices: REAL-Real City Lee Sumin
034   Takeoff and Change: The 10th Anniversary of Incheon Art Platform Lee Sungje
040 FRAME The Aesthetics of Space Created by Screens: BCHO Partners  
042   Essay l Screen: Organic Connection Cho Byoung Soo
050   Project l Hyundai Cheonan Global Learning Center 1st phase (Training Center)  
060   Project l GIZI_Art Base  
068   Project l Gugi-dong House  
076   Project l Heyri D-24  
082   Critique l Mise-en-Scène of Physical Properties and Construction Chun Euiyoung
088 PROJECT Hanwha Headquarter Office Tower Remodeling - UNStudio Ben van Berkel Lee Sungje
098   GONGTEO - RoA architects Kim Kyungdo
106   Heohyeon Community - Yong Ju Lee Architecture  written by Chung Isak 
114 ART PRISM Talk l Uncovering the Potential of Transparent Acrylic Kang Jihye Choi Eunhwa