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No.620 Jul, 2019

The Bauhaus Meets the Korean Peninsula

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006 NEWS  
021 BOOK  
022 REPORT Contrast and Dialogue in the Urban Context: Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea
028 FEATURE The Bauhaus Meets the Korean Peninsula
030   Essay l The Bauhaus and Korean Architecture
038   Essay l Architecture and the City of Konrad Püschel
046   Essay l Hamhung: Traces of the Bauhaus Remain in the Korean Peninsula
054   Essay l The Bauhaus: Out of Nowhere
062 PROJECT Muttenz Water Purification Plant - Oppenheim Architecture
070   The House of Three Trees - Jae K. Kim 
082   DEER’S Headquarters - HnSa architects & designers
090   VT Cosmetic Headquarter - fig.architects  + eggplant factory 
098   Banghak Middle School + Village Complex - Batang Architects + FL Architects + ZVArchitects
106 ART PRISM Talk l Blown Furniture
112 SERIES Living Sejong, Reading Sejong: Questions After One Year 2 : The Characteristics of a Planned City