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No.619 Jun, 2019

Urban Architecture Contents and Museum

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006 NEWS    
019 BOOK    
CELINE: Introducing A New Identity Through the Design of Its Flagship Store 
Park Semi
024   Asking the City to Embrace the Future of Manufacturing Lee Sumin 
030 FRAME Creating the Everyday Through the Other: EMA Architects & Associates  
032   Essay l Things that Realize a Communal Life Lee Eunkyung
038   Project l Nunmoe gareum Cooperative Housing  
046   Project l Osiri gareum Cooperative Housing  
052   Project l Uiseong Gowoonmaeul  
058   Critique l Engaging with the Rural Landscape Kang Yerin
064 FEATURE Urban Architecture Contents and Museum  
066   Project l Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture - Terminal 7 Architects   
076   Critique l Architecture as a Background and as Internal Space Hyon-Sob Kim
080   Report l Until Becoming Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture Park Semi
084   Round Table l Questioning the Role of the Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture and Similar Institutions Kim Taehyung, Lim Yookyung, Jeon Bonghee, Chung Dahyoung
092   Interview l Hear from the CCA: The Museum Is Not Enough Giovanna Borasi X Park Semi 
100 ART PRISM Talk l The Sublimity of an Empty Canvas Kim Byungki Kim Geumyoung
106   Talk l Cutting Edge Simplicity You Hyemi Choi Eunhwa
112 SERIES Living Sejong, Reading Sejong: Questions After One Year 1 : Development background and current situation Park Sohyun