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No.618 May, 2019

Campus Architecture as a Public Good: Choi Moonkyu

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008 NEWS    
019 BOOK    
020 REPORT Imagine Ten Years After a Building: Seongsu Yeonbang
030   Designing Lightweight Architecture for Recycling: The 2018 Seoul Plaza Ice Rink
038 FRAME Campus Architecture as a Public Good: Choi Moonkyu  
040   Essay l An Attitude to Campus Architecture
046   Project l Maison de la Corée  
054   Project l UOS Centennial Memorial Hall  
062   Project l Yonsei University Educational Foundation  
068   Critique l Narrative Architecture in the Era of YOLO
074 PROJECT Chronos Dwell - Masahiko Fujimori Architect Office
082   57E130 NY Condominium - Kim Leehong  
088   ANN # - DIA Architecture  
096 ART PRISM Talk l Curiosity about an Unknown World 
102   Talk l About Ever-Growing Knots
109 SPACE ACADEMIA The Hanok Paradox: Modernity and Myth in the Revival of the Traditional Korean House