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No.617 Apr, 2019

A Quantification of Sense: Samuso Hyojadong

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006 NEWS    
019 BOOK    
020 REPORT Nathalie Du Pasquier, Good Days for Dogs Nathalie Du Pasquier Seungduk Kim
028   A Creative Convergence of Modernity and the Vernacular Kim Sungwook, Jeon Youchang
036 FRAME A Quantification of Sense: Samuso Hyojadong  
038   Essay l Fragments that are Present and also Realistic Seo Seungmo
040   Essay l 1. Land, Floor Seo Seungmo
044   Essay l 2. Planes, Stacked Layers Seo Seungmo
048   Essay l 3. Alley, Corner Seo Seungmo
052   Essay l 4. Nameless Things Seo Seungmo
056   Essay l 5. Façades of the Streets and Alleyways Seo Seungmo
062   Critique l And That Leaves the Problem of the Elevation Choi Wonjoon
076   Project l O House, J Hanok Renovation, M House, D House, M Guest House, J Studio House, Theory Façade Design , Wooran Foundation Exhibition Sense of rhythm  
082 PROJECT Oodi Helsinki Central Library - ALA Architects Samuli Woolston x Choe Nowk
090   House in a Garden - Gianni Botsford Architects Gianni Botsford Choi Eunhwa
098   Jian's House - Formative architects Kim Changgyun
108 ART PRISM Stories Behind the Image Germaine Kruip Kim Geumyoung
114   Immortality in the Cloud Lee Sungje