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No.616 Mar, 2019

Clear solution, Variety of Architecture: Lifethings

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NEWS 008    
BOOK 019    
REPORT 020 Asking Questions of Architecture Issues in Korea Lee Sungje
REPORT 028 Unexpected Resonance: Contact Points of Contemporary Art in Asia Lee Sungje
FRAME 034 Clear solution, Variety of Architecture: Lifethings  
FRAME 036 Blooming a Talk Flower with NUNA Yang Soo-in, Ko Kiwoong, Kim Kwangsoo, Kim Homin, Lee Chihoon
FRAME 046 Cosmo 40  
FRAME 054 Wirye Artist’s Studio  
FRAME 062 Park Maintenance Office  
FRAME 068 The Clarity of Yang Soo-in’s Architecture and the Gamer Within All of Us Hyun Myung Seok
PROJECT 074 Tower of Bricks - Interval Architects Oscar Ko × Lee Sungje
PROJECT 082 NEW Headquarter - Seoro Architects Choe Nowk
PROJECT 090 Eonbuk Middle School Multipurpose Auditorium - IDR Architects Chun Kyunghwan
PROJECT 098 Buckwheat Flower House - yiwayim architects Choi Eunhwa
ART PRISM 106 The Glass Pyramid Dissapears JR × Kim Geumyoung
ART PRISM 114 ‘Min Joung-ki’ Choe Nowk