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2021/01(638) The Path Ahead for the Korean Museum of Urbanism and Architecture

2021/02(639) Coinciding, Deliberating, Deferring: NAMELESS Architecture

2021/03(640) Architecture at the Bounds of Reality: BOUNDLESS

2021/04(641) Planting Public Spaces in the Neighbourhood: EMA Architects & Associates

2021/05(642) A New Spatial Grammar for Fashion Shows: The Ground of Non-Contact Fashion-Presentation

2021/06(643) Piling Up the Order: Luyoun Architects

2021/07(644) Wood Construction as a New System: Soltozibin Architects

2021/08(645) Virtual Ground∙Architecture Created with a Spatiotemporal Rhythm: Han Eunju + softarchitecturelab 

2021/09(646) Meticulous Programming, Evolving Architecture: SKM Architects 

2021/10(647) The Journey to Reach That PLACE: The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary of Namyang

2021/11(648) Questions for Architecture in a Time of Climate Crisis

2021/12(649) When Reactions Become Action: MASS STUDIES​​