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No.638 , 2021

The Path Ahead for the Korean Museum of Urbanism and Architecture

24,000 ₩

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006 NEWS    
015 BOOK    
016 FIELD NEWS    
018 COLUMN Suddenly Everything Changes, So Sugar Becomes Bitter, Lead Becomes Lighter, and When Stones Are Laid, Nothing Prevents Them From Flying Away Instead of Falling Jung Jidon
022 COLUMN The Entrance of the Exhibition Yoon Wonhwa
026 COLUMN Bistro’s Pasta Pot
Seo Seungmo
028 PROJECT Crye Precision Headquarters  Jonathan Garnett × Bang Yukyung
038 PROJECT ShinPuhKan Kengo Kuma × Kim Yeram
048 PROJECT Anandaloy  Anna Heringer
056 FEATURE The Path Ahead for the Korean Museum of Urbanism and Architecture  
058 FEATURE Museum of Urbanism and Architecture: Imagination Becomes Reality Sook Hee Chun
064 FEATURE International Design Competition for Korean Museum of Urbanism and Architecture: The Winning Proposal ‘A Recycling Assemblage’ Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Kim Yukyung × Choi Eunhwa
070 FEATURE The Depth of a Bit SGHS
074 FEATURE A Plan for the Archives of the Korean Museum of Urbanism and Architecture Kim Taehyung
078 FEATURE A Mobile Assemblage BARE
082 FEATURE Exhibitions of Vivacity: Accumulating and Expanding upon History Choi Wonjoon 
086 FEATURE The Next Generation: The Arch Education Assemblage EUS+ Architects
090 LIFE Crossing the Boundary Between an Old Housing Complex and a Walkway: Changli Garden Tong Ming × Kim Yeram
096 LIFE Integrated Design for the Users: The First Penguin Choi Jaeyoung × Kim Yeram
104 REPORT On the Front Line of Urban Architecture: Seoul Solutions Kim Sunghong  × Bang Yukyung
108 RELAY INTERVIEW Go with the Flow: Lee Dami Lee Dami × Kim Yeram
114 SERIES Exploring the Connections between Tradition and Technology: Realrich Architecture Workshop Realrich Sjarief × Park Changhyun
124 SERIES Revisiting the first SPACE Group of Korea Building: 'Our Home – The House of SPACE' Kim Hyonsob