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An Invisible Story About Community: Serpentine Pavilion 2024 Archipelagic Void

written by
Kim Jeoungeun
photographed by
Iwan Baan (unless otherwise indicated)
materials provided by
Serpentine Galleries

SPACE July 2024 (No. 680) 


On the 5th of June, Cho Minsuk’s (principal, MASS STUDIES) Serpentine Pavilion titled ‘Archipelagic Void’ was revealed. In January, it was announced that Cho Minsuk had been invited as the first Korean architect of Serpentine Pavilion, and the genesis and development of Archipelagic Void was covered in SPACE No. 676 (Mar. 2024) under the title ‘Architecture and Pavilions by MASS STUDIES’. In this issue, we offer a review of Archipelagic Void—which has received attention for taking a different approach to that of past Serpentine Pavilions. 


Serpentine Pavilion 2024, Archipelagic Void​


The pavilion is composed of an empty space at the centre, around which five distinct structures are arranged like islands, extending radially. This is the outcome of a delicated analysis of the existing pedestrian network. ©Kim Jeoungeun 


Kensington Gardens, which are situated at the west-end of Hyde Park in London, is an apt place to discuss the present relationship between communi...

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