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Intertwining Landscape Architecture and Architecture: Veke

photographed by
Park Youngchae​ (unless otherwise indicated)
materials provided by
The Garden, a root architecture
edited by
Park Jiyoun

SPACE July 2024 (No. 680) 


View of second Veke. From the left, the buildings are building C, building B, annexe, building A 


Interview Kim Bongchan principal, The Garden, Lee Changkyu, Kang Jungyoon co-principals, a root architecture, Choi Jeonghwa × Park Jiyoun 


Veke, known as ‘Seogwipo café’ and ‘garden café’, has recently undergone transformation. The first landscape architect of Veke, The Garden (principal, Kim Bongchan), and the planner and advisor, artist Choi Jeonghwa, have reunited. a root architecture (co-principals, Lee Changkyu, Kang Jungyoon), who have taken on the roles of architectural design and construction supervision, joined, constructing four new buildings and redesigning the surrounding landscape. This transformation reflects their commitment to shifting the focus of the space from the café to the garden, creating a harmony of landscaping and architecture. Nature, humanity, landscape architecture and architecture have long shared a common world, and their relationship has been explored exhaustively. How did the landscape architects, artists, and architects of the second Veke navigate and build upon this ...

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Kim Bongchan
Kim Bongchan graduated from the Department of Biology at Jeju National University and pursued a master’s degree in ecology. Leading the landscape architecture company, The Garden, established in 2007, Kim integrates nature and ecology into landscape architecture. With a rich background in ecology, Kim focuses on creating habitat-based, nature-oriented gardens with an emphasis on biodiversity and ecological stability. Kim’s main works are Amore Seongsu, Monoha Hannam, Pocheon PyunGang Botanical Garden, Jeju Island Pinx-Biotopia, and Baekdudaegan National Arboretum Rock Garden. Through various lectures and publications, Kim shares inspirations gained from nature through gardens, striving to contribute to the development of a healthy society through garden culture.
Lee Changkyu, Kang Jungyoon
Lee Changkyu and Kang Jungyoon graduated from Jeju National University and Ewha Womans University, respectively, and built their careers at guga urban architecture. a root architecture is an architecture design studio founded by them. They explore the fundamentals of architecture and seek a return to the basics, just like ‘a root’ that is the basis of music. In addition, they work with interest in old times and places, thinking about an unique space suitable for us living in the present. Their main works are Jeju Mother’s House (2015), Slowboat atelier (2018), Gosan-jip (2017), Sowonjae (2019), and Cheongsu Mokwoljae (2022). They won a special prize at the Jeju Architecture Awards as Gosan-jip in 2020 and the Grand Prize at the Korea Wood Design Awards as Cheongsu Mokwoljae in 2023.
Choi Jeonghwa
Choi Jeonghwa is a Leonardo da Vinci. This means artistic human. /

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    Jul 15, 2024