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The Era of Regeneration: What Yeonhui-dong’s Transformation Says About Us

materials provided by
COOM Partners
edited by
Kim Jeoungeun, Kim Bokyoung

SPACE March 2024 (No. 676) 


Quiet, high-walled residential neighbourhoods, the town where politicians live, and side streets with fancy cafés and eateries: various interests and different generations have diverse impressions of Yeonhui-dong, but its landscape and continuing transformation are attractive amidst the rise and fall of Seoul’s other neighbourhoods. Especially when the renovation of old houses is in the spotlight, and the diversity of urban architecture types is lacking, the landscape of neighbourhoods that are changing spontaneously, as the public changes, has implications for urban architecture. SPACE spoke with Kim Jongseok and Hong Jooseok, who have worked on several projects in Yeonhui-dong, as well as Yoon Seunghyun and Lee Jinoh who have lived and worked in the area for many years, and Jeon Sangkyu who has worked on small commercial buildings such as multi-family housing and neighbourhood living facilities, but has no direct connection to the district.​ 


©Kim Yongsoon 


SPACE​ ×​ ​Kim Jongseok principal, COOM Partners​ ×​ ​​Yoon Seunghyun professor, Chung-Ang University​ ×​ ​​​Lee Jinoh principal, Architects Office The SAAI​​ ×​ ​Jeon Sangkyu principal, Office for Ordinary Architecture​ ×​ ​​Hong Jooseok principal, URBANPLAY


How the Landscape of Yeonhui-dong Was Shaped

Kim Jeoungeun: Yeonhui-dong is a neighbourhood of single houses in the Yeonhui Land Compartmentalization And Rearrangement Project area, which began in the lat...

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Kim Jongseok
Kim Jongseok founded COOM Partners in 2010 and has worked on over 70 design and construction projects in Yeonhui-dong. He has also worked on private-led commercial development projects such as Semo-gil in Yeonnam-dong and Tojeong-ro 4-gil in Hapjeong-dong. His representative works include HANNAH HAUS in Seorae Village, 504-12 Yeonnam-dong, and PARKMENT Yeonhui. Currently, he is an affiliated professor at the Area Design Management Lab, Graduate School of Techno Design, Kookmin University.
Yoon Seunghyun
Yoon Seunghyun is currently a professor at Chung-Ang University. He opened Interkerd Architects in 2004, and has won numerous awards with his major projects including for Bukchon Hong-Hyun, GureumJeongwon Housing Coop, Youngjoo Joje Healthcare Center, and the Dohwa Administration Center.
Lee Jinoh
Lee Jinoh is a principal at Architects Office The SAAI, LLC, where he is interested in the relationship between individual spaces, architecting context and events. Additionally, as the owner of Surreal Estate, LLC, he is interested in the sustainability of architecture.
Jeon Sangkyu
Jeon Sangkyu is operating the Office for Ordinary Architecture, and through GANSAM Architects & Partners and MASS STUIDES, he has learned the attitude and practical aspects of architecture. He continues to work on expandinig the common ground of empathy for those who enjoy space and experience architectural joy.
Hong Jooseok
Hong Jooseok holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Hanyang University and a master’s degree from KAIST Graduate School of Culture and Technology and founded URBANPLAY in 2013. URBANPLAY is an urban software developer that provides urban content management services, including investment, planning, construction, and operation centred on contemporary lifestyle space content with the mission of ‘Cities need an OS’. He is currently an expert member of the Presidential Committee for Decentralisation and Balanced Development, the Local Brand Forum chairman, and the Future City Committee of Jongno-gu, Seoul.