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[NEW HONGIK IIDC] for Hongik University Seoul Campus: Envisaging the Borderless Campus of the Future

written by
Lee Hyunho
materials provided by
Hongik University
edited by
Kim Jeoungeun

SPACE February 2024 (No. 675) 


‘NEW HONGIK: International Invited Design Competition for Hongik University Seoul Campus’ (hereinafter NEW HONGIK International Invited Design Competition) is a masterplan for a future campus that will create 136,197m2 of new space on the 29,837m2 site of Hongik University’s Seoul campus. As the first large-scale masterplan since the university’s founding, it will use one-third of the current campus area to create new space equivalent to one-half of the current facility area. It is expected to be completed in 2031 at an estimated construction cost of 441 billion KRW. The street in front of Hongik University is like an axis along which Seoul’s cultural landscape operates, known for its youth and indie culture. It is not only a popular tourist attraction in Seoul for many domestic and foreign visitors, but also a kind of hometown for artists. This project also offers something of a spatial realisation of Hongik University’s identity, which intergrates the culture of the Korean urban street in front of Hongik University with such an institution’s international context.


The winning entry of OMA

Conception of the Underground Campus

Hongik University’s Seoul campus occupies 269,679m2 of space for over 22,000 students, with a...

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Lee Hyunho
Lee Hyunho serves as the dean of the college of architecture and urban planning at Hongik University, and he is practicing in the fields of education and architecture as the principal at Chiasmus Partners. He is currently vice chairman of the construction committee at Hongik University and is in charge of overall responsibility for the NEW HONGIK: International Invited Design Competition for Hongik University Seoul Campus. His representative work includes Kyung Hee University Space 21 (2017), Incheon Art Center (2007), Forestʼs Quintet (2010) and ITower (2017) and also received awards from the Ministry of Culture, the Korean Institute of Architects, and the Korean Architecture Award.