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Loose Precision | GUBO Architects + Hong Jihak

written by
Hong Jihak, Cho Yoonhee
photographed by
texture on texture (unless otherwise indicated)
materials provided by
GUBO Architects
edited by
Bang Yukyung

SPACE April 2024 (No. 677)​​

Work From Home (2019)

A Bridle on Precision

How does architecture start and end? The beginning of a design usually starts with a broad outline. It gradually moves down to elements on a smaller scale by interpreting the local context, the shape of the building and the way it sits on the chosen site. Of course, there are times when we find clues to the strategy behind the structure in small details, but this is not a common experience. From the vague lines of a thick coloured pencil to the digitised lines of a CAD programme that can be zoomed in at 1:1 scale, architecture is about being able to skilfully perceive changes in scale. 

The process of giving physical form to the language of drawings is similar. From the laying out of the batter board on site to determine the position of the framework, to the erection of the framework, to the construction of the parts, to the working out of the details of the construction, the elements of a building’s composition are met in millimetre increments and the building is finally completed.

The fact that architecture is essentially about dealing with changes in scale is what makes it so challenging. The true expertise of the architect is to think simultaneously at the macro level, from a bird’s eye view of a city to assess local change, and at the micro level, looking at the 15mm joints where one material meets another and anticipating how different dimensions will affect each other. It is the architect who has to forge a narrow bridge between two worlds that never seem to meet and keep them crossing each other.

Precision is the unicorn of architecture. Unlike the world of drawings, where we can depict th...

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Hong Jihak
Hong Jihak, after periods of research and building his career at SAC International, HAEAHN Architecture, and Center for Advanced Urbanism (CAU) at Boston, U.S., co-founded GUBO Architects in 2015. Hong studied architectural urbanismat MIT and received his PhD on theory of architectural history at Seoul National University. Hong is currently working as an associate professor in the department of architecture at Chungnam National University.
Cho Yoonhee
Cho Yoonhee has been working in architecture design since she co-founded GUBO Architects in 2015. After graduating from the department of architecture at Seoul National University and MIT, Cho built her career at IROJE architects & planners in Korea and Höweler + Yoon Architecture in Boston, U.S. Cho’s interest lies in building urban cities from the pedestrian perspective of an average person. She has worked as a public architect for Seoul Metropolitan Government and won the Korean Young Architect Award organiszed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2021.

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