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Something Architectural, Something Natural: Heo Sungbum

photographed by
Kim San (unless otherwise indicated)
edited by
Kim Jia

SPACE March 2024 (No. 676) 



‘I am an Architect’ was planned to meet young architects who seek their own architecture in a variety of materials and methods. What do they like, explore, and worry about? SPACE is going to discover individual characteristics of them rather than group them into a single category. The relay interview continues when the architect who participated in the conversation calls another architect in the next turn.


Rendering image of Manuscript for nature (2023) ©architectural/practice

interview Heo Sungbum principal, architectural/practice × Kim Jia


Starting Simply


Kim Jia (Kim): You completed your undergraduate studies in Korea and went to Switzerland for student exchange programme and work experience. Was there a particular reason for choosing Switzerland?

Heo Sungbum (Heo): At that time, rather than having a deep admiration of Swiss architecture, I just had a young desire to go abroad and challenge myself. I even got on a plane saying I would learn how to make cheese. It was a time when I was more interested in the wo...

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Heo Sungbum
Heo Sungbum established architectural/practice to define the standard of the word ‘architectural’. He is exploring new concepts of space under the theme of alternative environmental perspectives that move beyond dichotomous urban views, proceeding to an integrated environment. He has undertaken numerous public projects such as Seoul MARU Public Intervention 2023, the Open Call for Projects for the Switzerland-Korea 60th anniversary year program, and the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021. Currently, he is teaching at Kaywon University of Art and Design and Soongsil University and is an artist at Jamunbak Art Residency.