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Vernacular Natural Ventilation System: Casa Attico

Atelier Matteo Arnone

photographed by
Federico Cairoli
materials provided by
Atelier Matteo Arnone
edited by
Kim Bokyoung

SPACE July 2024 (No. 680) 



Interview Matteo Arnone principal, Atelier Matteo Arnone × Kim Bokyoung


Kim Bokyoung (Kim): Casa Attico is your second home, located in São Miguel do Gostoso, a coastal town in the north-east of Brazil. You are the owner of the house and run it as an Airbnb rental property. How did this project and Airbnb business begin?

Matteo Arnone (Arnone): When I moved to Brazil in 2011 and established my first architecture firm, I had the opportunity to work on my first residential project. Over the past decade, the north-east region of Brazil presented me with various opportunities to work on many different projects on different scales. I continue to work in this area to this day on residential projects called Residencial dos Arrecifes. Given the amount of work, I decided to build Casa Modico (2019) and then Casa Attico as a place to stay when I am there for work. The Airbnb business emerged from the desire to keep the house well maintained and cared for when I am not there—it is not related to the operation of my architectural firm, Atelier Matteo Arnone.


Kim: As both the client and architect behind this project, what is unique about this site? And what is it about São Miguel do Gostoso that appeals to you?


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Atelier Matteo Arnone (Matteo Arnone)

Design team

Laura Tagliavini, Daniel Cha


São Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil


private residence

Gross floor area



in-situ cast concrete, load bearing brick walls

Exterior finishing

brick, concrete

Interior finishing

brick, concrete

Structural engineer

SP Project (Miguel Brazão, Paulo Freire)


Silent Stone Ltda

Design period


Construction period

2022 – 2023

Electrical and Hidraulic engineer

JFC projetos (João Claudinei)

Matteo Arnone
Matteo Arnone is an architect based in Parma, Italy. He began his studies at the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio in 2005, where he worked in Riccardo Blumer’s studio. He worked at Zvi Hecker Architect in Berlin and Kengo Kuma and Associates in Tokyo. In 2012, a year after graduating, he co-founded Atelier Branco in São Paulo. In 2022, he founded his own practice, Atelier Matteo Arnone, and is currently working on several international architectural projects.