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Making the Familiar Unfamiliar: Apgujeong Neighbourhood Living Facility


written by
Kim Hyoyoung
photographed by
Chin Hyosook
materials provided by
edited by
Bang Yukyung


SPACE June 2022 (No. 655) ​ ​​​ 

If architecture is a record of the times and our society, Apgujeong-dong’s buildings reveal the collective desires of Korean society. The demands of the client, who introduced various ideas such as a skip floor, stadium brick façade, gable roof, balcony, fireplace and chimney, and iron stairs, sounded more passionate and pure. So, I had an expectation that Apgujeong’s candid façade would not look negative. Since the interior space is not so large, only one column is placed in the middle to form a skip floor, but the direction and position of each floor are different, and the changing interior space meets the two faces of different characteristics and forms a different relationship. The stadium brick façade facing the road is like a mask of desire; it has a rigid form with repeated pillars and assembly construction techniques, and even the height of the deviated window is hidden by the unified opening of the brick, but it does not hide the fact that it is a ‘mask’ by revealing its thin thickness like an elevation added to a commercial space. The other façade facing the parking lot possesses various elements (gable roofs, balcony, fireplace and chimney, and iron stairs, etc.) that relate to its complex interior, and enjoys a sense of freedom as it is not the front façade. One day, the baseball that was added to the corner where the two faces meet is an excellent finishing touch. Ironically, details that are not related to any particular context are revealing of Apgujeong’s playful, unique identity. (written by Kim Hyoyoung / edited by Bang Yukyung)​



KHYarchitects (Kim Hyoyoung)

Design team

Sung Yeonhak, Ahn Sungwoo


34, Dosan-daero 51-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


neighbourhood living facility

Site area


Building area


Gross floor area


Building scope






Building to land ratio


Floor area ratio




Exterior finishing

exposed concrete, brick

Structural engineer

Eden Structural Consultant

Mechanical and electrical engineer

Daedo Engineering


Gerkeum Construction

Design period

Feb. – Aug. 2020

Construction period

Sep. 2020 – Apr. 2021

Kim Hyoyoung
Kim Hyoyoung worked at various ateliers of young architects until opening KHYarchitects in 2015 after studies at Dankook University and the Graduate School of Architecture at Kyonggi University. By tuning himself into the process of creating architecture, he develops the questions revealed in his discoveries and finds an expression of characteristics to bind architecture and contemporary society together.