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SH Eunpyeong Residential Welfare Center

CoRe Architects

written by
CoRe Architects
photographed by
Roh Kyung
materials provided by
CoRe Architects
edited by
Park Semi

SPACE April 2022 (No. 653) ​ ​​


The SH Eunpyeong Residential Welfare Center is a regional hub that supports public rental housing and renovation for socially disadvantaged class residents, the elderly, the disabled, and newlyweds. They provide services like housing welfare information, consultations, and home surveys. Standing at the foot of Bukhansan Mountain, which rises eastward and sits immediately adjacent to Exit 1 of Gupabal Station, the entrance to Eunpyeong New Town, the long-abandoned site, was planned with a connecting passageway that connects Gupabal Station public park-and-ride lot and Exit 1 of the station. Gupabal Station Meeting Plaza is a meeting place crowded with mountain-goers on weekends. How to reveal the presence of a building against large buildings and nature nearby was the persistent question to which we kept returning until the end of this project, as it will be placed in a separate site surrounded by a large shopping mall on the other side of Jingwan-ro, a public park-and-ride lot, a meeting plaza, and a mountain edge. The entire volume of the building is articulated by its intention to reduce huge mass of the parking lot as well as to change the layout of interior space and depth of the façade. The office space is placed close to the street and the urban area, while the other facilities and rest areas are facing natural space on the east side, so that the layout of the interior space can exist in harmony with the surrounding environment. The use of familiar materials strengthens the form in order to respond to large buildings nearby, in an attempt to approach people with familiarity and to achieve greater harmony with nature.




The entire volume is divided into four volumes and interspaces, and features a buffer zone created through the outdoor terrace and planting to control insolation in the westward office space, along with a terrace to rest and enjoy the scenery to the east. The terrace and outdoor spaces on the south side facing the plaza have been positioned to create an open impression of the plaza. Rental spaces open to the outside are placed on the lower part, the housing welfare center on the third and fourth floors, and intermediate spaces like a book café and auditorium for residents and visitors on the fifth floor. The folding doors in the lobby at the main entrance invite visitors to approach a blurring boundary that divides the building from the plaza and the outdoor space.​



CoRe Architects (U Zongxoo, Kim Vin)

Design team

Jo Aran, An Chiwan, Lee Dongmin


15-34, Jingwan 2-ro, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Korea


neighbourhood living facility

Site area


Building area


Gross floor area


Building scope

B2, 5F





Building to land ratio


Floor area ratio




Exterior finishing

clay brick, Low-E glass

Interior finishing

terrazzo tile, porcelain tile, water-based paint

Structural engineer

Teo Structure Corporation


Dazim Construction & Engineering

Design period

2017 - 2019

Construction period

2019 - 2021


SH Seoul housing & Communities Corporation

CoRe Architects(U Zongxoo, Kim Vin)
CoRe Architects was established in Seoul, 2014 by U Zongxoo and Kim Vin. They are interested in spacial building methods, programs, experimentation with materials, and finding new types that interact with changing social structures. Through this project, They also are participating in projects in wide range of scale in various fields including architecture, urban, interior, infrastructure facilities of organizing city. They have won the Kim Suguen Architecture Award Preview Award, Seoul Architecture Award Grand prize, Korean Architecture Culture Award, Public Architecture Award. They were also selected as finalists for 4 teams of MMCA Gwacheon Project 2020, and were awarded the Seoul Architecture Award 2021 Grand prize for Seoul Seojin School.