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Launch of the Smart City Comprehensive Portal

etc.Mar 12, 2020


The ‘Smart City Comprehensive Portal (’ opened on Jan. 8 this year. It provides comprehensive information on domestic and international smart cities. This website was established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport and the Architecture & Urban Research Institute in order to ‘assemble a hub platform that would collect and share information that has been distributed per policy and period’.

When you access the Smart City Comprehensive Portal, you are presented with seven menus. The ‘policy’ and ‘project’ menus allow you to explore the past, present, and future of domestic smart cities. The laws and systems related to smart cities that have been revised or enacted since 2008 are arranged in chronological order. When you click the contents, you are directly connected to the Korean Law Information Center for detailed information. You can also view and download information about the actual projects. Detailed information about each project such as Smart City Integrated Platform-based Construction Project, Smart City-type Urban Regeneration, and National Demonstration City can be found through map-based information so that the public can easily understand the current state of smart city construction throughout the nation. 

When you click on ‘R&D’, you will see the research information related to digital, ubiquitous cities, and smart cities. This service is provided by the Architecture & Urban Research Institute, which is useful for researchers and professionals to look at academic information. In the ‘Governance’ menu, the main activities and roles of each agent, such as governments, corporations, and professionals, are explained. In the ‘Introduction’ menu, the definitions of smart cities for each country are outlined. In the ‘Global Smart Cities’ menu, international case studies of America, Spain, and Japan are shown. In the ‘News’ section, you can check the latest trends in domestic and international development. You can also receive online newsletters by subscribing through the website. <by editorial team>