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Next Raemian Life Crosses into Virtual Reality

etc.Jan 10, 2020

View of ‘Raemian Virtual Reality Unit Plan Experience Program’​ / Image courtesy of Roi Communication​


Samsung C&T Corporation’s apartment brand, Raemian, has launched a new brand concept that will address the lifestyle needs of the millennial generation, named Next Raemian Life. Samsung C&T Corporation has long been at the forefront of the industry’s latest innovations, such as branding for apartments and establishing a housing complex as ubiquitous as an environment. This time, the company has developed the ‘Raemian Virtual Reality Unit Plan Experience Program’ to demonstrate this brand concept.

The programme will provide potential buyers with the opportunity to experience individual units via a virtual reality device, and function as a service that can do away with the need for a physical show home. Everyone will be able to wear a head-mounted display that will reveal the interior of their unit of interest, all with the options they choose, in real time. 

The Raemian Virtual Reality Unit Plan Experience Program is the first of its kind in Korea, building upon the basis of Unreal Engine. It was founded in collaboration with Rayzone Group Ltd., which specialises in technologies for architectural visualisation. Unreal Engine is a complete suite of 3D tools for game development that is transferrable across different domains, and has been picked up by architectural firms around the world for use in modeling and graphic design. It will enable Raemian’s VR Program to quickly render huge amounts of data in the form of high-quality outputs, and give viewers the ability to pick and choose among different finishing materials in real-time, without the need to code Blueprint. 

The Samsung C&T Corporation plans to continue to produce contents with Unreal Engine, with a view to the lifestyle needs of the millennial generation, and apply them to house plans and option selections in particular.