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Journey to Soundscape

etc.Jan 14, 2020

ODE Maison was awarded the ‘Beautiful Architecture’ award at the 2019 Beautiful Architecture Prize, the ninth award in the prize’s history. The ‘Beautiful Architecture Prize’ is an awarding ceremony first initiated by Gangnam-gu in 2006, among other local autonomous governments, as a part of its ‘Design Polis Gangnam’ project which aims to promote architectural culture. In order to pick exceptional architecture within the local district and to promote a broader architectural culture and aesthetic, this exhibition showcases 13 architecture projects, of which ODE Maison stands out with a design that experiments with audial experience.
As a space that sells and distributes the best high-end audio system in the country, ODE Maison - the showroom for the sound platform ODE - is located at 15-6 Dosan-daero 25-gil. The experience of ODE Maison begins after crossing over the sunken garden via the bridge. This was designed to create the experience of transitioning from a quiet residential area to a space for sound testing. A sound testing area, lounge, and deck can be found in Maison, and a design that optimises the audio systems of each brand has been used in the sound testing area. The level height of this space was heightened to create an environment for a rich sound testing experience, and the material and thickness of the walls and interior for each sound testing area were altered to deliver the sound produced by each high-end audio system to its fullest potential.

At ODE Maison, one can experience 15 audio brands such as the German Burmester, the French Devialet, and the Danish Lyngdorf Audio, which cannot be found elsewhere locally. To make reservations and specific inquiries regarding ODE Maison and sound testing, call the number as follows: 02-512-4091




Images courtesy of ODE​