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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to Improve Public Architectural Design

etc.Aug 13, 2019

A whole amendment to improve the design quality of public buildings will be in effect from July 4. This is a follow-up measure as a result of the ‘Proposal for the Improvement of Public Architecture and Design’ instigated last April by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT).

Until recently, the public buildings have been subject to criticism regarding the way the style has become similar to other projects as a result of the policies centered on the quantity, not the quality, despite the fact that public buildings are closely linked to everyday life. In fact, the needs of users are often neglected and people have had to face inconvenience following the completion of work because the process does not include prior project reviews, design competitions, or supervision by the architect during construction. The amendment reflects the ideas proposed last April and systematizes design procedures that can be applied to public projects by ministries.

Looking at it closely, regulations are newly installed to support the role of a ‘Public Architect (City Architect)’, which has recently become popular throughout the nation. It sets terminology through which to describe the major roles of the Public Architect, and specifies the list of projects in which supervision from a Public Architect is mandated. Moreover, local development projects are required to involve the Public Architect. Moreover, SOC projects which exceed a budget of 100 million won must involve an appointed Public Architect. An article which defines the role and organisation of the supporting group in supporting the Public Architect has been included.

A new measure to support public projects whose budget is less than 200million won has also been installed. As a part of an effort, the prior project review is recommended for all small-sized public projects, and a new regulation which prioritises good designs selected through competitions has also been added to the amendment. Additionally, if the local development project includes buildings, it mandates a separate contract for each building. <by editorial team​>