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Furniture designer using unusual materials

exhibitionMar 06, 2019


The solo exhibition entitled ‘Volume’ by the furniture designer Seo Jeonghwa was held at GanaArt Hannam from 23 January to 17 February. He is well known for using materials that are not normally used in furniture design. Made of disparate materials such as basalt, brass, cork, and acrylic, his furniture pieces offer interesting visual and tactile experience to the audience.

In this exhibition, a total of 18 furniture pieces and 20 drawings will be displayed. These include his major work entitled ‘Material Container’ that was exhibited at the London Design Festival, along with new works on the theme of ‘light and volume’. If his previous works are regarded as the rediscovery of a form by using materials that were never used before, the new works will be considered as the discovery of a form from the formless materials. His new work entitled ‘Light’ was derived from the following idea: ‘what would the form of light be if it’s quantified?’

Seo Jeonghwa majored in Metal Art & Design at Hongik University and completed his master’s degree in Contextual Design at Design Academy EINDHOVEN. In Korea, he participated in group exhibitions at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, DDP, and Sophis Gallery. By holding exhibitions at Milan Design Week, Musee des Arts Decoratifs de Paris, and Nomad Monaco, he also attracted a great deal of overseas attention.

GanaArt Hanman opened in Apr. 2018 to introduce young artists to the public. Every month, the gallery has held a solo exhibition or an experimental exhibition of the new artists like Chang Yoohee, Ethan Cook, Hur Shan, and Eddie Kang. The upcoming exhibition is a solo exhibition of the painting artist Lee Sungmi, which is scheduled to open at the beginning of March. <by Choe Nowk​>