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Displaying Collection History: ‘CV: MeeNa Park & Sasa[44]’

exhibition Youn Yaelim Mar 05, 2024

SPACE MARCH 2024 (No. 676) 


Installation view of Annual Report series​ ©Youn Yaelim


‘CV: MeeNa Park & Sasa[44]’, held at Art Archives, Seoul Museum of Art from Dec. 21, 2023, brings the resumes of two contemporary artists to the exhibition hall. A CV is a document formatted to record an individual’s academic, occupational, and experiential history. The information in CV is structured and formatted for the view of others. For Park MeeNa and Sasa[44], who work with the methodologies of structuring the contexts of information through the collection, analysis, references, and citations, the ‘CV’ is their world of work itself that they have built through their careers. This exhibition reorganises the exhibitions of the two artists, who have been working both individually and collaboratively over the past 20 years, from 2002 to present, in the form of a CV.

‘Exhibition Record’ in GALLERY 1 reveals the two artists’ commitment to collection. Park MeeNa collects colours. Representative works are Green Pens (2008) and Blue Pens (2008), which fill the paper with finely spaced lines by collecting various green and blue pens; 2004-Red-TV Unit (2004), a painting of red stripes painted 2cm wide by collecting all the acrylic paints with ‘red’ in their names. Meanwhile, there are multiple scales to Sasa[44]’s collections. On one hand, he celebrates Cho Yongpil through The Rebirth of the Greatest (2007), while on the other side the Annual Report series (2007 –) publish the collection of eight indicators including seolleongtang consumption, transportation card usage, the number of movies watched, etc., in the form of a book, posters, and postcards. The highlight of this exhibition lies in the ‘Bibliography’ section. Partial Bibliography (2023), a collection of 1,259 articles with mentions of Park MeeNa and Sasa[44] from 2001 to 2022, along with the In House (2002, 2023), the first collaborative work by the two artists, fills GALLERY 2. Exhibition is on until Mar. 31.