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A Sensation Forged in the Interaction Between Technology and Art: ‘Single Perspective Limit’

exhibition Ra Haerin Feb 20, 2024

SPACE February 2024 (No. 675)



Installation view of Reworld

Image courtesy of P21 / ©Ahn Cheonho 


‘Single Perspective Limit’, a solo exhibition by Kimchi and Chips (co-principals, Son Mimi, Elliot Woods), held at P21. Kimchi and Chips is an art collective that explores various topics in contemporary society through large-scale installations and presents interdisciplinary works that cross the boundaries of science, technology, and art. This exhibition presents two works that combine technology (such as optical technology and electromechanics) and art, to create a dynamic new visual experience. Optical Rail (2023), exhibited at P1, may initially be mistaken for motion graphics displayed on a digital screen. However, up close it is an analogue motion created by the movement of a lens over still images. Delineating the layered nature of the image, the work ultimately reveals that time is not always linear, nor is it a sequence, but a sensation. Reworld (2023), previously exhibited at the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2023 (covered in SPACE No. 671), is exhibited at P2. While Reworld, installed in Songhyeon Green Plaza, created a complex experience of outdoor light and people moving in and out, this exhibition at P21 focuses on the visual experience of light and movement within the city, including passersby, buses, and cars. The lenses on the optical rails create a mosaic of layered images of space, objects, and light captured from beyond the work. The images of light and shape that change from moment to moment offer a new way of looking at the object, freeing the viewer from their limited perspective. The exhibition, which explores the ways in which technology and art interact, was shown until Jan. 27.