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Hwaseong Silver Dream Center Design Competition

competition Youn Yaelim Jan 18, 2024


Winning proposal of the Hwaseong Silver Dream Center Design Competition ©Seoro Architects 


On Nov. 10, 2023, the Hwaseoung Urban Corporation unveiled the winners of the Hwaseong Silver Dream Center Design Competition. Through this competition, the Hwaseong Urban Corporation aims to transform the function of a nursing home which is currently centred on ‘accommodation’ into a facility guided by the concept of ‘living space’, with the main requirement being a user-friendly design that will allow residents to live communally while under specialist care. 

The winning proposal by Seoro Architects (principal, Kim Jeongim) focuses on creating a ‘homely’ atmosphere. The design proposes a unit in which all four people in four-person rooms can have their own window, and a nursing home that will blend into the surrounding neighbourhood with pathways and various circulation routes that connect to the adjacent neighbourhood park. The five jury members unanimously praised the proposal, citing its meticulous and outstanding efforts based on a deep understanding of nursing facilities.

The judging panel noted that while it is important to comply with the basic outlines detailed in these proposals, they should also consider the role and direction of future care facilities in order to select a proposal that demonstrates serious consideration and developmental inspiration for a space in which the socially disadvantaged can live. The Hwaseong Silver Dream Center will be built on a 4,218㎡​ site in Hagil-ri, Hyangnam- eup, over three floors and a gross floor area of about 5,400㎡​.