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Timeless Design and Technology: VOLA Seoul Showroom Opens

etc. Kim Jia Sept 12, 2023

SPACE September 2023 (No. 670)


The Danish tap manufacturer VOLA has opened its premier standalone showroom in Gahoe-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. VOLA was launched in 1968 when its founder, Verner Overgaard, hired Arne Jacobsen, a luminary of Danish furniture and an architect, to craft a tap design simpler than prior models. Within a sector that gives prominence to functionality and upkeep, design aspects are often overlooked. Yet, VOLAʼs signature design, which only showcases the inbuilt handle and spout, cultivated the idea that even taps can reside within the design realm. Each product from VOLA, merging utility and aesthetics, is tailor-made in Denmark. Conceived to serve multiple generations, their singular use of top-tier stainless steel and brass stands out. Leftovers from the drilling phase are melted to be repurposed, ensuring zero waste during manufacture. This exemplifies the eco-friendly approach VOLA has been championing for over 50 years. Five years after VOLA opened its office in Korea, it built an exclusive showroom in Gahoe-dong—a locale steeped in history, tradition, and artistry. Nestled amidst a harmonious blend of traditional hanok houses and modern buildings from the 1960s, the showroom captures the essence of fusion. Walking through the entrance, visitors are met by the cohesive architectural blend of both worlds. Between the two structures lies a garden, offering a serene place to appreciate the seasonal transitions. The showroom boasts VOLAʼs comprehensive product line, featuring bathroom taps, showers, and a suite of bathroom accessories. A highlight is the dedicated space with VOLAʼs taps, inviting visitors to experience firsthand the waterʼs flow and feel. VOLA places a premium on functional design, not just in product form, but in how the water is managed and presented. This immersive showroom epitomises VOLAʼs technical excellence and is poised to strengthen the companyʼs connection with local clients and broaden its footprint in the Korean market. Interested visitors can schedule their showroom tours in advance, and through personalised consultations, receive product recommendations that resonate with their individual lifestyles and space needs. For more details, reach out at 02-8833-5200.
by Kim Jia


VOLA Seoul Showroom ©SPOA&Jongyoun Jung