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International Design Competition for the New Jinju National Museum

competition Jung Youngju Aug 29, 2023

SPACE September 2023 (No. 670) 


Winning proposal of International Design Competition for the New Jinju National Museum / ©BAUM ARCHITECTS + STL Architects + GAU ARCHITECTURE 


A new Jinju National Museum will be established. The museum will be relocated outside of Jinjuseong Fortress to create a complex cultural space to provide better services to visitors and citizens. A total of 47 designs from 13 countries including Korea were submitted for the international competition for this project. The Jinju National Museum announced that the proposal by BAUM ARCHITECTS (co-principals, Kim Kiyoung, Seo Youngho) + STL Architects (co-principals, Luis Collado, Jose Luis de la Fuente) + GAU ARCHITECTURE (principal, Yang Gun) had been selected as the winner. Forged under the guiding concept of ‘nature becoming architecture and architecture becoming natureʼ, the prize winner was praised for proposing a new architectural typology that was difficult to find in existing museums. In addition, the juries sympathised with its design which breaks down the barriers between the interior and exterior spaces and employs a wooden structure and space. The Jinju National Museum pursues a ‘museum with a low thresholdʼ and possesses the vision to create a space that anyone can easily access and sense in their own way. The project aims to be completed and to open in the latter of half of 2027. Once this project is complete, it is thought that it will be actively used by local residents and tourists in the same ways as the local ‘museum complexʼ along with the Railway History Museum within the Railway Cultural Park and the Public Specialized Science Museum expected to open in 2025.

by Jung Youngju