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A Space Responding to Creativity: Cartier Maison Cheongdam Renovation

architecture Lee Hwayeon Nov 17, 2022

On Oct. 1, 2022 ‘Cartier Maison Cheongdam’ reopened its doors after its second renovation. Cartier Maison Cheongdam was first opened in 2008 and underwent its first renovation in 2016. This second renovation was conducted by Bruno Moinard and Claire Bétaille from Moinard Bétaille with a focus on a contemporary interpretation of Korean aesthetics. Cartier Maison Cheongdam, which is positioned in Cheongdam’s Luxury Street, is a building consisting of sixstory.On the first basement floor, ‘Cartier à la une’, which means the front page of a newspaper, can be found as a pop-up space showcasing various curated collections. On the wall that greets visitors to the first floor, one can see a ‘panthère (panther in French)’ relief facing towards the Gyeongbokgung Palace Hyangwonjung. With this panthère which symbolises Cartier at the background, an iconic collection is displayed. Following up the curved staircase, the second floor showcases the bridal and menswear collection, and the third floor presents luxury jewellery. The core to this renovation project ‘La Résidence’ is then found on the fourth floor, which has been connected to the fifth floor to create a organic synergy between the high ceiling and natural light. The tapestry that has been hung in alignment with the curved ceiling glows gold towards the bottom by the sunlight and creates a warm atmosphere. To commemorate this opening, the ‘Cartier Maison Cheongdam Opening Experience’ programme is being held at La Résidence from Oct. 6 to Nov. 6. The programme exhibits Cartier collection pieces and its glyptics technique process where raw uncut stones are carved. The glyptics technique is a skill in gem craftsmanship that embodies Cartier’s centuries-old masterful traditions. To aid in the general understanding of the exhibition and its spatial design, a docent programme has also been included. A future plan for the fourth floor is to create a space to showcase Cartier’s various art and cultural projects.Sarah Kim, the manager of Cartier Korea, said that ‘the new Cartier Maison Cheongdam is a work of dedication and a response directed at the city of creators, Seoul, in a way that is unique to Cartier’ and revealed her intention to make this place into a cultural space for people to experience the kind of professional artisanry and creativity pursued by Cartier. One may apply to the ‘Cartier Maison Cheongdam Opening Experience’ held at La Résidence via Naver. 


Cartier Maison Cheongdam façade / Images courtesy of Cartier 


Cartier Maison Cheongdam view of La Résidence on the fourth floor / Images courtesy of Cartier


Cartier Maison Cheongdam view of the first floor / Images courtesy of Cartier