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Architecture as a Complex Space between the City and the Natural World: ‘Layering of Function and Intuition’

exhibition Kim Jia Feb 13, 2023

SPACE February 2023 (No. 663)


Exhibition view of ‘Architect Ken Sungjin Min, Layering of Function and Intuition’​ / ⓒDonggyu Kim 

Exhibition view of ‘Architect Ken Sungjin Min, Layering of Function and Intuition’​ / ⓒDonggyu Kim


The Clayarch Gimhae Museum is hosting an exhibition that showcases the architectural works of Ken Sungjin Min as part of the ‘Architecture Project’ starting on Dec. 14, 2022. Min, who established SKM Architects in 1995, has made creative attempts in various fields such as housing, business, education, culture, and commerce, covering both private and public sectors. He particularly focuses on the problems of complexity arising in modern urban architecture in the twenty-first century and seeks architectural alternatives. Ananti Cove (2017) is an example of his work, which has been praised for presenting a new level of recreational culture in the relationship between nature and architecture. The exhibition is divided into two sections: major works and recent works that explore contemporary themes in Korean society. Visitors can see the pavilion, Meta-Farm Units (2022) in the central hall of the Dome, which presents proposals for recent rural housing, as well as an archive of model-oriented projects  in Gallery 1. The Meta-Farm Units, designed to resemble a structurally simple farmhouse, is planned as a dwelling within a glass conservatory. Made of light and flexible materials, it takes into account the ease of managing temperature and humidity. The bedroom and kitchen spaces are naturally connected to the outside world, and can be expanded in scale by combining units as needed. This project seeks the flexible coexistence of agriculture and housing, and shows the possibilities for new rural housing. Meanwhile, the archive of works presented in Hall 1 is the result of 15 selected and collected from various  projects carried out in the city centre and the suburbs over the past 27 years. The exhibition focuses on the  architect’s 27-year process of experiencing various projects and responding to urban architecture, and offers an opportunity to review the evolution of today’s changing cities and architects. Projects of various  scales and functions such as Ananti Namhae Golf & Spa Resort (2006), Ananti Club, Seoul (2010), Ananti  Penthouse, Busan (2017), Hwaseong Dongtan Metapolis Tower (2000), S Gallery (2002), Hankookilbo  Yongsan HQ PJ (scheduled for completion in 2026) will be on display. The exhibition runs until July 30. by Kim Jia