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Ulsan Gardening Promotion Center Design Competition

competition Lee Hwayeon Oct 12, 2022

On July 29, the results of Ulsan Gardening Promotion Center Design Competition hosted by Ulsan City were announced.  This competition was promoted to create a community base facility using the garden as a medium. The site is Ulsan City Jung-gu Taehwa-dong 940 (3,573㎡​), and 930 and 958 (5,532㎡​, 543㎡​) Taehwagang Park area. YUL Architecture (principal, Kim Jiha), the winner, supplemented a sense of connectivity by placing the greenhouse garden exhibition room between the distant sites, and suggested a plan that presents a greenhouse for all four seasons. However, some opinions contended that the design should be pursued while taking future measures, noting that the alternatives for the conservation or transplantation of the vegetation of the existing site were insufficient for the overall application.  The Ulsan Gardening Promotion Center will begin construction in June next year, with an education centre using the garden completed on the first business site, and permanent exhibition and sales facilities to be completed in the second business site in Dec. 2024.


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