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The Design Competition for the Changwon Museum of Art

competition Yaelim Youn Jul 01, 2022

©eSou architects 


On May 11, eSou architects (co-principals, Kim Hyunsu, An Youngju) won the Design Competition for the Changwon Museum of Art. Changwon Museum of Art will be built as part of the site of Sahwa Park, a rest area in the city centre. Considering this, it was necessary to design an art museum without boundariesthat communicated and expanded organically with existing park facilities. Regarding the proposal, eSou architects explained, The museum, which is built diagonally to depend on the geographical features of the land, is simple and quiet, and the greenness of the forest and the south-facing light are deeply ingrained, making it a natural landscape. The museum, which has a total area of 5560m2, one basement floor and three floors above ground, will open in May 2025, and begin construction at the end of this year.