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The Design Competition for the Seoun-myeon Administrative Welfare Center

competition Yaelim Youn Jun 27, 2022

©Sosol Architects 


On May 10, Ansung-si announced the result of the Design Competition for the Seoun-myeon Administrative Welfare Center. Of the 23 submitted works, the design of Sosol Architects (principal, Wang Seonghan) was selected as the winning work. The panel of judges commented that the arrangement of individual buildings with several segmented masses reflecting the context of the village was interesting and original. Concerns for the level of construction costs were also raised as the area of the outer skin increased due to the split. The Seoun-myeon Administrative Welfare Center, which is scheduled to be completed in Apr. 2024, will have a total area of 2300m2, and will now be built on the Seoun-myeon office site. It is expected that it will serve as a new complex community space for local residents while resolving the aging of existing facilities and inconveniences of small spaces.