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Bringing the Courtyard to Life: ‘Platform-L Pavilion Project 2022’

exhibition Han Garam Aug 03, 2022


Approaching the front of the building, a sheet of white cloth and a mirrored door come into view through the courtyard. This is the award-winning work, ‘Platform-L Pavilion Project 2022’ hosted by Platform-L Contemporary Art Center (hereinafter Platform-L). Platform-L held its first competition this year, planning a pavilion project that would add a new sense of place to the building
ʼs courtyard. The courtyard of Platform-L is the result of Lee Jeonghoon (principal, JOHO Architecture) considering the outer space of the city center under constraints such as building regulations and irregular site conditions. He tried to divide the volume into smaller sections and connect the spaces and programme with the courtyard (covered in SPACE No. 586). The courtyard is still a welcoming place for tourists some six years after it was built, and plays various roles, such as an extended lounge area for art shops and cafés, and sometimes hosts events. The projectʼs mandate is also the variability of changing use according to its role and purpose as a place for social interaction’, ‘practicality to cope with seasonal changes’, and ‘sustainability that can be moved or changed after the project is complete’ is key.

The STAGE L installed in courtyard is a proposal of ArchiWorkshop (co-principals, Sim Heejun, Park Sujeong). A white sheet hangs in the air with a chandelier motif. The wrinkled curtains along the streamlined ceiling further enhance its winding shape and present a distinctive aspect. The ceiling surface is made of a material that allows light to enter. The façade opens and closes up or down depending on changes in weather and usage. The doors of the pavilion are mainly used when closed, but are placed like a work of art, using a material that reflects its surroundings. Jury Lee Jeonghoon said, ‘The flexible object STAGE L is located in the courtyard as a fixed body, and it will breathe new images and energy into the building’.

Inside the exhibition hall, they introduced the final work through panels and models. Diagonal Thoughts (principal, Kim Sara) presents a handicraft pavilion that contrasts with the metal-skinned Platform-L. A single unit and was made by sewing tie-beck or PE tapoline. The units are combined to expand and deform according to the application. Jae K. Kim (professor, Hanyang University) focused on construction in response to nature, even though architecture mimics a natural order. The pavilion, which looks like a tree planted in the courtyard, is associated with his masterpiece ‘The Tree Series’ (2019 ) and The House of Three Trees (covered in SPACE No. 620). The exhibition ended with an archive. Platform-L collaborated with SPACE to provide a space for reading articles on pavilion themes on paper or online. The internal exhibition ended on July 28, but STAGE L plans to remain in the courtyard for three years.

by Han Garam​


Images courtesy of Platform-L Contemporary Art Center