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Under the name of a small studio apartment: the amendment to the Enforcement Decree of the Housing Act

etc. Park Jiyoun Apr 19, 2022

An amendment to the Enforcement Decree of the Housing Act took effect on February 11. The enforcement ordinance seems to be a follow-up to the "19th Weekly Housing Supply Briefing" announced in September 2021. At that time, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport showed a willingness to improve the quality of urban living houses in connection with the expansion of urban housing supply. Urban-type living houses refer to houses with less than 300 households built in urban areas, including studio-type, complex-type multi-family, and townhouses. Urban-type living houses have been eased in construction regulations so that they can be supplied to urban areas where it is difficult to secure land, but preferences have been decreasing due to their narrow areas. The studio type had to have an area of 50㎡ or less, and consisted of only one bedroom and one living room. Accordingly, the need to provide small and medium-sized residential spaces in the city center where two to three-person households can also live comfortably was raised. The main content of the revised Enforcement Decree of the Housing Act is to change the term one-room housing to small houses, and to expand the upper limit of the residential area for each household of small houses to less than 60 square meters. In addition, households over 30㎡ can be composed of three bedrooms and other spaces so that various floor plans can be made possible, such as general apartments. However, in order to prevent overload of auxiliary facilities and infrastructure such as parking lots, households with two or more bedrooms are limited to less than 1/3 of the total number of small house households. Kim Kyung-heon (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Department of Housing Construction and Supply Division) expected, "The revision of the Enforcement Decree of the Housing Act will revitalize the supply of small houses tailored to various housing ownership in the city." The amendment took effect on Feb. 11.