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The winning proposal of the Design Competition for the Wonju City Art Museum

competition Han Garam Apr 05, 2022

On Feb. 19, Wonju City announced the result of the Design Competition for the Wonju City Art Museum. The project site is Camp Long Culture and Sports Park, which used to be a military base for the U.S. military. The design competition was opened to renovate and extend the existing building to transform it into an art museum. The winning entry is the proposal by Curtainhall Architects (principal, Kim Kwangsoo), which intends to preserve the historicity and a sense of place by making use of the exterior of the existing building, experiencing both old and new through the entanglement of the existing and new walls. The jury committee praised ideas such as ‘preserving and interpreting the context of the site’, ‘aiming to use the existing space for the exhibition’, and ‘taking account of economic feasibility by maintaining the existing structure’. Meanwhile, Wonju City plans to build a cluster for Culture, Art, and Science by building the Gangwon National Science Museum, History Museum, and Youth Culture House in addition to the Wonju City Art Museum in Camp Long Culture and Sports Park.


Image courtesy of Curtainhall Architects