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The 13th Seoul Architecture Festival

etc. Kim Yeram Oct 25, 2021

Talk session by architects of Seoul Architecture Festival / Screenshot from YouTube



The 13th Seoul Architecture and Culture Festival was held from September 8 to 20. The Seoul Architecture and Culture Festival is an architectural event that introduces excellent buildings in Seoul, and since 2009, it has introduced various programs that allow citizens to easily access architecture. The theme of this year's Seoul Architecture and Culture Festival was On & Off. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has strengthened online content to encourage many people to enjoy the event even in pandemic situations.

Several exhibitions were held on Nodeul Island, where the on-site program was held. The Seoul Metropolitan Government Architecture Award, which introduces architectural works with social messages, a young architect contest seeking countermeasures against climate change, and a citizen artist photo contest recording the beautiful scenery of the city were held to share various architectural ideas with citizens. About 10 Pavilion, designed on the assumption of different disaster situations by teams belonging to the University Student Architecture and Union UAUS, also attracted visitors' attention.

An online program was also held to hear stories about urban change from experts. At the Seoul Architecture and Culture Forum, Nam Sung-taek (Professor of Hanyang University), Jeon Ju-hyung (CEO of Edit Collective), Lev Manovich (Professor of New York City University), and Antwan Peacong (Professor Harvard University) talked about how to use artificial intelligence technology by architects under the theme of "Architecture, Crossing with AI." In the open lecture, Seo Hyun (professor at Seoul National University), Jang Yoon-kyu (professor at Kookmin University), and Kim Sung-hong (professor at Seoul National University) continued to discuss changes in cities and architecture after COVID-19. The Seoul Architecture and Culture Festival has ended, but some online programs can be viewed again through official YouTube channels.