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Announcement of Winner of​ the international nomination design contest for Onggi Village attractions

competition Kim Jaehee Oct 08, 2021




On August 6, Ulju-gun announced that The System Lab Architects Office (CEO Kim Chan-joong) was selected for the international nomination design contest for Onggi Village attractions. The contest was held to enhance the cultural and tourism resource value of Onggi Village and to revitalize it as a regional center. The winning work was designed under the theme of helping Onggi Village evolve and growing together while creating various additional activities by moving in a company that sees Onggi Village as a living creature and engages in creative activities in anchor facilities. It proposed a master plan to connect the abandoned ship site to a pedestrian-centered promenade so that visitors can look around the village, and the idle site is an ecological park consisting of a soil playground, outdoor theater, bamboo forest, and pet park. The judges evaluated that the proposal with architects and creative partners was the result of creative collaboration that could not be seen in the existing design contest. Ulju-gun has long signed a contract with the elected person in September and plans to carry out the implementation design for nine months.