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Sharing All of the Processes Behind a Public Art Project: Percent for Art Document: TODAY’S WEATHER

exhibition Kim Jaehee Nov 11, 2021

Exhibition view of ‘Percent for Art Document: TODAY’S WEATHER’ ⓒKim Yeram


The exhibition, Percent for Art Document: TODAY’S WEATHER was on display at factory2 and Project Space Mak from Sep. 24 to Oct. 17. This exhibition explores the processes and records that lay behind the public art project ‘TODAY’s WEATHER’, which was designed by TAEYOUNG and Team Factory in collaboration with participating artists as a project instigated by the large-scale complex U Planet located at Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do. The exhibition thematised ‘today’ as contemporaneity and ‘weather’ as an absolute universal human condition across space, time, and societal conditions. Under the theme ‘Today’s Weather’, each artwork sought to create a shared memory by sharing the experience of a place. This exhibition showcased 15 artworks that featured in the public art project ‘Today’s Weather’ installed at Gwangmyeong-si. Basing the work around questions such as ‘who, how, and for what are building artworks created?’ and ‘what kind of experiences do building artworks provide citizens?’, the participating artists expressed their views of the role of public art conducted within the frame of an established building artwork institution. Kimchi and Chips (co-principals, Son Mimi, Elliot Woods) showcased a kinetic artwork titled ‘Optical Rail’ that visualises the mutual interaction between a moving acrylic lens and a flat pattern image, while BARE (co-principals, Jeon Jinhong, Choi Yunhee) imagined in the interior space the weather created by people’s emotions via an interactive artwork titled ‘How is Your Weather?’. Aside from these, many personal experiences with and narratives on public art project were shared through photographs, videos, illustrations, models, and materials.