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Obra Architects

Obra Architects seeking staff in Seoul

Obra Architects is a New York and Seoul based design firm committed to the observance of a practice grounded in the pursuit of architecture both professionally and culturally. The projects developed by the firm are always developed in the consideration of issues that include, but are not limited to, the usual pragmatic observances that can be expected of any serious architectural firm: the client's needs, budget, code requirements, the environment, etc.

We believe that, for the sake of an architecture that might be authentic, help society and possibly become an agent of the good in the world, such considerations are inseparable from a deliberate pursuit of knowledge. Such knowledge includes not only whatever aspects of reality are specifically attendant to the project in question, but also to society in general, its culture and the meaning of architecture itself. Every project then seeks, in its eventual realization as a building, to embody a unique, sincere and novel synthesis of those considerations.

We are seeking an architect that, while hopefully sympathetic to what is described above, is also committed to professional quality and able to take on key responsibilities within the practice. The candidate should be able to move fluently between design and construction phases and handle multiple projects of various size and complexity. Please include specific experience in your submitted materials. Seeking an ambitious, self-directed individual to join our team, work closely with the firm's principals, and contribute significantly to the design work of the firm.

Understanding of international building code and construction standards are expected.

Applicants should have the following requirements:
5-year Bachelors or Masters Degree in Architecture preferable.
Candidates must love architecture, be eager to pursue the sometimes arduous task of seeking its realization through original and authentic thinking and working. If we might please be allowed to put it a little bit bluntly: if you are looking for just "a job," there is a good chance this might not be the right opportunity for you.
Before you apply, if you are not familiar with it already, please consider take a moment and visit and become familiar with the work featured int the website. Thanks for your interest!
Familiarity and/or ability to quickly advance in the following areas expected:

Project management, detail and design development, construction documents, construction administration, site supervision.
Permit filing processes, code research, zoning analysis, and securing approvals from regulatory agencies.
Client communications, contract documentation, project scheduling, team leadership, technical detailing, consultant coordination, and construction administration.
Salary commensurate with experience, health insurance benefits package offered. Korean licensure a plus.

Please send cover letter (letter of interest) + work sample (portfolio) to
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