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No.660 Nov, 2022

Critiquing the Architectural Design Industry

24,000 ₩ 24,000 ₩

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008 NEWS    
036 PROJECT Forest Edge - Joongwon Architects   
046 PROJECT Jeokhoje - NOMAL Kwon Hyungpyo
054 PROJECT Dog / Human - EKAR Architects  
062 PROJECT Base4Work Bratislava - DF Creative Group + Studio Perspektiv  
072 PROJECT House & Restaurant - junya.ishigami+associates  
082 FEATURE Critiquing the Architectural Design Industry  
084 REPORT The Architectural Design Industry in Numbers Bang Yukyung
092 COLLECTIVE CRITIQUE Standing at the Starting Line: The Story of Those Seeking Employment Kwon Namhyeong, Kim Jihyun, Sohn Hyojie, Jung Wooseung × Youn Yaelim
100 COLLECTIVE CRITIQUE A Springboard from Ineptitude: The Story of the First or Second Years Employees Min Seonghong, Park Sehyun, Lee Jueun, Chae Seungbin
× Han Garam
108 COLLECTIVE CRITIQUE Key Personnel Standing at a Crossroads: The Story of the Third or Fourth Years Employees Jeon Joongseob, Jung Eunho, Jeong Pilran, Ha Hyerim
× Park Jiyoun
116 COLLECTIVE CRITIQUE Thinking of Architects as Professionals: The Story of the Fifth Years or More Employees Song Jaewook, Lee Sena, Lim Sera, Choi Yoomi
× Park Semi, Lee Hwayeon
124 COLLECTIVE CRITIQUE Leading a Team both Flexibly and Rigorously: The Story of the Leaders Koh Youngsung, Ki Hyunchul, Kim Jeongim, Oh Sinwook
× Kim Jeoungeun, Bang Yukyung
132 APPENDIX Request to Architecture World and Our Society  
136 SERIES The Dividing Game: Kim Won’s Bongwon-dong, Residence for Mr. K Suh Jaewon