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SKM Architects

written by
Ken Sungjin Min
photographed by
Namgoong Sun
materials provided by
SKM Architects
edited by
Park Semi

HEIDIHAUS is built upon the in-depth understanding of a healthy progressive lifestyle. The goal was to create a symbolic, comfortable, and elegant building that is practical and aligned with its function while embracing nature. The client, who experienced the importance of health, used his background in research to create a comprehensive health promotion program that organically combines the latest technology with cutting-edge equipment like VR and AR, and incorporated them into HEIDIHAUS through healthcare, wellness, culture, and beauty.

The complex facility was planned with the objective of creating a healthy community and promoting the wellbeing of members through the addition of a sports facility, indoor virtual golf range, yoga, and pilates. Located in Seocho-gu in Seoul, 150m northwest of the site are Umyeonsan Mountain and Umyeonsan

Ecological Park, offering fresh air and a pleasant environment. To the south of the site, there is an apartment complex and a massive research facility, and the site itself is situated at the border of the city center. In order for pedestrians and vehicles coming from the city center to enter without passing

through the housing complex, the city road networks were placed on the south side. Pedestrians are permitted to enter naturally along the landscape created by the topography of the sidewalk and are therefore offered the feeling of being transported into nature. Moreover, the building was placed to the southwest so that the garden with the outdoor swimming pool and spa look out to the north of Umyeonsan Mountain. They are located on the same level as the community park, bringing the beautiful scenery of nature into the indoor spa. By using the difference in elevation of the original ground, the floor of the spa on the first floor was created to be 5m higher than the road level to secure privacy from the southern city direction. The softly curved façade provides a representative space of HEIDIHAUS where members can enjoy active exercise and comfortable rest in the city while embracing the four seasons of nature. A delicate combination of light gray and white bricks and various types of granite was used carefully on the interior and exterior to give a comfortable and warm feeling to the whole place and to allow light of various levels to pass through. It functions as a physical property suitable for the nature of a cultural space centered on exercise, wellness, relaxation, healing, and facilitates communication with the green nature. (written by Ken Sungjin Min / edited by Park Semi / translated by Kim Danyoung, Caroline Min)





SKM Architects (Ken Sungjin Min)

Design team

Cho Pyungjae, Han Hyunsoo, Choi Jiwon, Ryu Hyunsoo


11, Seongchon 4-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea


physical training facilities

Site area


Building area


Gross floor area


Building scope

B6, 4F





Building to land ratio


Floor area ratio




Exterior finishing

brick, stucco, low-e glass

Interior finishing

floor ‒ stone, wood flooring / wall ‒

Structural engineer


Mechanical engineer


Electrical engineer




Design period

Mar. 2017 – Nov. 2020

Construction period

Feb. 2019 – Nov. 2020



Ken Sungjin Min
Ken Sungjin Min is constantly pursuing to expand architecture as a universal solution for our society and environment, as well as humanity and civilization. This raises fundamental questions about the standardized way of life and its familiar practices, and discovers and builds new perspectives. With the belief that architecture can bring about positive change in culture and life, he is constantly exploring new possibilities and potentials. He has been leading SKM Architects in Seoul for 26 years since 1995.