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Announcement of the Winner of The International Competition for the Chungnam Art Museum

competition Aug 26, 2021

ⓒUNStudio + DA GROUP 



On July 22, the Province of Chungcheongnam-Do announced that it had selected the plans of DA Group Urban Design & Architecture Co., Ltd. (principal, Kim Hyunho) and UNStudio (partner, Astrid Piber) as the winning works of the international Invited Design Competition for the Chungnam Art Museum. This design competition was held to establish a contemporary art museum, which becomes an art platform and a space for communication that combines art and local communities. The winning work presented the Chungnam Art Museum as a ‘cultural hub’ to experience art and technology and create a future culture together with the local community. The work organically connects galleries, convenience facilities, and various programmes by arranging a courtyard up to the third floor in the centre of the building. It aimed to create a zero-energy museum with no carbon emissions by using panels to minimize the energy load outside and utilize renewable energy such as solar power facilities and geothermal heat. The jury evaluated that the organic spatial composition on the spiral staircase within a formal square stands out. The Chungnam Art Museum is expected to start construction in the second half of 2022 and open in 2024.